Make Use Of Xbox One External Hard Drive As Your Storage Option

 For gaming enthusiasts, the game compilations in their xbox one are sometimes not sufficient to have fun. So, they like to get more number of games and it makes them to have an additional storage space with the intention to store those new games. Of course, an external hard drive is something they want to make it feasible. It is not an easier one to plug your external hard drive into the USB port. Because, fixing the device might require a little more time.

Reasons for making use of an external drive for your xbox one:

There are many reasons available for why you must employ an external drive for your xbox one. At first, the device will simplify the way through which you store your file. It is a known fact that Xbox is considered to be a console, which provides more in addition to fun games. It is also able to play your preferred music and video too. This capability lets you to get an xbox one external hard drive to save those files. Secondly, the external drive has the capacity to access your files on various devices including PC or xbox one.


Formatting your external hard drive:

For every xbox one owners, it is really good news to hear that the console will be compatible with most of the external drives. But, you have to remember that there would be maximum utilization of the device. Irrespective of the size of your external drive, you are just permitted to use not exceedingly 16 GB. Also, the device needs formatting so as to make use of it properly. However, formatting the device is quite easy. As an initial step, you have to connect it to a personal computer and in turn, note down the drive letter that you get on the device. Next, you type “cmd” in order to exhibit a command prompt window. After then, you need to type this command as follows: format/FS:FAT32. Restore the letter “F” with your drive letter. The whole process of formatting your drive will take a bit more time. If you have finished the process, the device is geared up to work with your xbox one.

Setup process:

Generally, it is very simple and straightforward to attach the external drive with your xbox one. You just require to plug your xbox one external hard drive to the available console’s USB port. Then, turn the xbox one on and go the menu of “My Xbox”. In this section, you will find the option “System Settings”, which help you, choose the applicable configuration for your device.

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